Our Programs

Children will have fun learning!

All programs available in Full-Time, Part-Time and Summer.



Our daycare program is a Spanish play-based program where children have the opportunity to be engaged in sensory play, music, art, language, fine and gross motor activities. They will build social and emotional skills, self control, and language skills. 

Infant Program (3-17 months)

Our infant program is aimed towards helping children meet every milestone in a trusting, positive environment. Development is stimulated through Language Development (Spanish), reading, play, and sensorial and physical activities. 


Preschool (3-6 years)


Our preschool program is designed to prepare children for their primary education. At Cielito Lindo our goal to help children develop their physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and language skills in a rich language environment. 

Summer Camp (2-12 years)

Our Summer Camp offers a variety of project based activities. Students worked cooperatively while they learn Spanish in a play-based instruction.

Field trips are a unique part our summer camp experience.