The idea of Cielito Lindo started when I was in middle school and I would pretend to be the teacher. I would set up my "classroom" with an easel and a small table outside our small apartment.  Neighboring children would come asking for help on their homework and it was a great feeling to know I was like their teacher. It was then that I realized how much I loved teaching and helping others. 


Even though Cielito Lindo had been a dream for many years, it was not until my daughter was born that I decided I needed to take the next step in making my dream a reality. As any other parent, I wanted to provide my daughter with a quality early education where she could learn from other children in a safe and loving environment. My goal is to bring out the best in children in a place where they feel appreciated and accepted while being immersed in our beautiful Spanish language and culture.


As an early childhood educator, I understand that a child's early years of life are crucial in their future development. I am invested in providing a loving, nurturing, safe, and fun environment where all children have the opportunity to flourish. 

Maria E. Dominguez




"Cielito Lindo has been a life long dream to bring my beloved Spanish language and Hispanic culture to Austin!" - Maria E. Dominguez

At Cielito Lindo We are Family!